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As a coach, I help people make transformational change in the way they express themselves, so that they can feel their most confident while creating their art and moving through the world.

Together we will get absolutely clear on how you interact with your thoughts and feelings both while you are performing and while you are living your life!

In our work together, we complete a comprehensive 3-step transformation and liberation process.  We will work with the over-active brain chatter to free up space for you to unapologetically express your authentic voice. Each step is a building block that will move you through identifying your current road blocks, to clarifying your zones of strength as a person and as a performer, and ultimately bringing you to a place of maximum efficiency and freedom in your artistry and your life.

Working with me as your coach will mean that you have access to an unbiased 3rd party on your team with dedicated time to YOU and YOUR DREAMS. We’ll get honest with what’s been holding you back, we’ll strategize action to move you forward, and you will have consistent accountability on creating what you’re most wanting for yourself.



Authentic Voice Package

Understanding and Rewriting Your Story

12 Sessions over 6 months


In the Authentic Voice Package you will get crystal clear on how you want to feel in day to day life, what's been standing in your way thus far, and how to create practices going forward that bring you closer to your desired life! We'll be digging deep in the pursuit of finding the most authentic, true, YOU.


This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to connect with the truest version of yourself

  • You are committed to a self care practice that puts YOU first

  • You are inspired by the idea of getting in touch with your unique artistic voice

  • You are ready to break the cycles within your relationships

  • You are committed to looking at your thought patterns and stories with a fresh perspective

  • You are excited to enjoy your own company

  • You are committed to staying true to yourself in any different situation

  • You are ready to be extremely self guided in between sessions to stay on track

  • You are on board to coming up with specific strategies to find your most fulfilled life!


What's included:

  • 1 60 Minute Discovery Session: Where we lay out your goals for our work together

  • 12 individually tailored 60-minute phone sessions

  • Personalized exercises, handouts and resources to support your discovery

  • Transformative coaching sessions

  • Once a week email support

Expressed Voice Package

Practicing A New Narrative To Create What You Want

18 Sessions over 6 months


The Expressed Voice Package is designed to dig deep in the pursuit of the most confident, secure, expressed YOU. Throughout this program you will develop your voice so that can have the CHOICE of when and how you want to speak, taking ownership for your role in interactions with others. You will be able to take up space. You feel confident in your own skin. You will have a new DIALOGUE with yourself and others, and your relationships will enhance and deepen.


This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to connect with the truest version of yourself

  • You are ready to be fully present in your life

  • You are committed to developing a self care routine that supports your transformation

  • You are inspired by the idea of getting in touch with your unique artistic voice

  • You are interested in getting to the heart of your old patterns and facing them head-on

  • You are motivated to get laser focused and take clearly defined action steps to move into your new vision of fully expressing yourself artistically

  • You are ready to feel worthy of contributing to the world


What's included:

  • 1 60 Minute Discovery Session: Where we get clear on where we want to begin and your goals for our time together

  • 18 individually tailored 60-minute phone sessions

  • Customized reading list

  • Personalized roadmap and weekly accountability to monitor progress

  • Transformative coaching sessions

  • Handpicked handouts, exercises and resources to deepen your progress

  • Twice weekly email support

Boundless Voice Package

Using Your Voice To Do Incredible Things

27 Sessions over 9 months


Owning your voice means acknowledging and unconditionally claiming your place in the world. In The Boundless Voice Package we'll be digging deep in the pursuit of finding the most confident, secure, expressed YOU. You will now have the CHOICE of when and how you want to speak, taking ownership for your role in interactions with others.  Throughout the transformation, we will be consistently taking large aligned action towards your most burning soul goals.


This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to unapologetically put yourself first in life

  • You are ready to immerse yourself in weekly sessions, assigned homework that will enable you to implement your ideas quickly and create results

  • You are ready to open yourself up to innovative ideas that align with your inspired actions

  • You are inspired to step boldly into the arena creatively and personally as you never have before

  • You are committed to developing a self care routine that supports your transformation

  • You are motivated to get laser focused and take clearly defined action steps to move into your new vision of being expressed

  • You're prepared to get specific in designing the creative life that you want and take powerful steps to make that a reality

  • You are ready to create strong structures to keep you clear, accountable and consistently taking action

  • You are ready to commit 3+ hours a week to your growth


What's included:

  • 1 90 Minute Discovery Session: Where we identify where your voice is blocked, clarify your preferred learning/coaching style, set initial soul goals, and create a vision on where you want to take your life next.

  • 27 individually tailored 60-minute phone sessions (Option to create a 3 hour in person Deep Dive session at my home in NJ/NYC Office)

  • Individualized course reading

  • 1 45 minute celebrate/achievement call to celebrate progress towards the end of your program.

  • Access to exclusive transformational tools to support massive shifts

  • Personalized road map and accountability to monitor progress

  • Resource lists, handouts and hand selected gifts to support your journey

  • Top Priority scheduling and unlimited email reply (within 24 hours)


When I started working with Molly I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed by where I was in my personal and professional journey. I was really stuck in a part of my journey that I was NOT enjoying! I discovered that there was another way I could be with what I was experiencing as a difficult time on my "journey." Molly and I have worked on interpersonal relationships, healthy boundaries, time management and even starting my own business during the time I've been coaching with her. My new normal is more focused on making choices that bring me joy and being very intentional with my time and energy. It is less focused on an idyllic vision of the way I thought things "should" be.

Jenny Hoofnagle, Actress transitioning from Nanny to Pilates Instructor

When I started working with Molly I was anxious and unhappy with how my work and my personal life were progressing. I felt powerless and frustrated in so many ways. I knew something needed to change but I didn’t have the tools to make it happen. My work with Molly has had such an incredible impact on my life. I mean, what part of my life didn’t develop or improve or illuminate through our conversations?

We have spent time specifically 1) getting clear on what I need to have a full, creative life and 2) exploring different job paths to feel more fulfilled and expressed. I feel so much more empowered in my daily life and excited about what lies ahead. I have more clarity around what I’m doing every day and where it’s taking me. I’m still exploring so many things, and I look forward to every opportunity I have to work with Molly. What are you waiting for? Sign up already! You will not regret a single moment of your time with Molly.

Jessica Brady, Nonprofit Program Manager



As humans we all crave to be seen and heard. We want to have a sense of belonging in the world, to ourselves  and to our tribe. It's one of our most basic human needs, and yet it’s something we're collectively not always receiving.

I hear a lot of people identifying that they want connection but not necessarily knowing how to achieve it. I’ve felt called to create a program that fosters both a feeling of community of like minded people and also facilitates specific and actionable ways to feel into YOUR best way to connect in your own life.

Over the course of ten weeks, we will take a deep dive into the way you are currently relating to each of the 4 areas of connection:

1)To yourself 2) to the people in your life 3) to your passion and/or career 
and 4) to the world at large. 

In each area of connection we will go through curated material and exercises designed into a 
system to foster connection in all areas of your life.

Weekly Coaching Call
Wednesdays 7:30-9:30(EST) 
via video conference over zoom

February 6th-April 10th

Email to sign up today!


Own Your Voice

Are you an actor, dancer or singer who is feeling stuck in the current auditioning and performing world? Are you beginning your journey of auditioning professionally and feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you're losing touch of "you"?  Do you want to get in touch with what lights you up as an artist? Are you looking to clarify the vision of what you want for your career and artistry? Are you ready to make some clear aligned steps toward feeling the way you want to feel in your life?


In Own Your Voice you will learn a process to:

  • Freely express your authentic point of view

  • Make choices driven by how you want to feel every day, instead of how you want to feel when you “make it”

  • Prioritize taking care of your your mind, body, and soul daily with curated practices for you

  • Identify and routinely connect with what lights you up as an artist

  • Cultivate a practice to connect with yourself before you step on stage

  • Forgive yourself when you make a mistake, and move on without living in a state of shame

  • Strategize a mental practice for auditions & performances that will allow you to function with maximum freedom

  • Invest in a trusting and secure relationship with yourself

  • Own your schedule, time, and professional life management with more authority


Own Your Voice will take place entirely over video conference so you can do it from wherever you are! Each session will introduce new transformational exercises and information, have space for individual coaching in a group setting, assignments to support your progress throughout each week, in addition to a private Facebook group for check-ins and support between sessions. This will be a SUPER warm and accepting space to express what you're most wanting for the next phase of your life and career.


Throughout my time with Molly, I discovered I'm a person of value and worth. I've learned I'm allowed to take up space and have my needs met. I've started asking for the things I want and need. Even though my voice shakes, I still ask.

During our time together, we've focused on building my self-esteem and self worth. Understanding my motives and what drives me and being clearer about what I want out of life and strategizing how to get there.

Jeanine Rivera, Fragrance Development Specialist


I find that my time with Molly - which was once just a creative outlet from work - has morphed into a session of contemplation. Feelings emerge that I didn't know were laying below the surface...and I find my lessons with Molly will often start with confusion but end with a plan. Molly is excellent in this role, because as an artist herself, she knows how to create an ideal environment for personal and creative expression.

To anyone on the fence about coaching with Molly, I would say that I have found her coaching and support to be extraordinarily helpful, and I would recommend her to anyone even the slightest interested in singing and/or self-expression and understanding. She is a remarkable coach and I have the biggest fan she has!

Aaron Wasserman, Research Analyst


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