Own Your Voice


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As a coach, I help people make transformational change in the way they express themselves, so that they can feel their most confident while creating their art and moving through the world. 

I believe that as people and as artists we crave connection both to our truest beliefs and to like minded others. There is a human need for clarity of how we feel, identifying what we want from life and creating an empowered way of expressing ourselves. I believe that we ALL have the potential to unlock that clarity right now.

The feeling of being called to express means making a decision to live fully in your life without letting the judgements or voices of others tear you away from how you want to live. Owning your voice means you're giving yourself room to interact with yourself, your art and others in a way that is consistently generous, kind and expressed.

The time is now to bring your authentic voice forward and set the world on fire with your unique expression!


I think the beauty of this coaching is how Molly is able to help you find the voice inside of you that you always had, but were unable to use. Life can throw so many things in your way that can prevent you from owning your true self as a person, an artist and a participant in life. Molly has been instrumental in helping me gain my confidence back, and become a brave vulnerable being. I started my own company, I am working in a field I love, and have made significant improvements in my love and social life. What more could you possibly ask for? Two very enthusiastic thumbs up :).

-Rachel Schur

broadway Actress, business owner, incredible human



...in leading with kindness. I believe every person deserves to be heard and seen exactly as they are today.  I believe your dreams are worth being spoken out loud. I believe no one is broken. I believe in process over product. I believe in people. I believe life can be very tricky to navigate when you're not being honest with yourself. I believe in articulating how you want to feel in your life. I believe in working smarter not harder. I believe laughter is one of the best medicines. I believe in thoughtfully finding your joy. I believe in carving out untouchable time for yourself. I believe clear boundaries can create our most generous relationships. I believe you can have the life of your dreams.

Molly Noerenberg