Molly Noerenberg (McCarthy-Egan)


For the past few years I’ve been devising a theory that all people, and specifically those of us interested in living a creative life, need to fully understand and express our own inner working. This can open the door to understanding what brings about our happiness, what inspires us, and where we have blocks creatively and personally. Ultimately, we all need to find a way of communicating with others and connecting to ourselves in order to feel understood and fulfilled.

I am a singer by trade and studied Vocal Performance at Carnegie Mellon University. I went on to get my Masters and Post Masters at New York University in Musical Theatre Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy. I am a co-owner of the NYC Vocal Studio in Midtown Manhattan (the parent company of Expressed Life) and an Adjunct Professor at NYU.

Through my work as a voice teacher, I’ve had artists of all kinds coming through my door initially wanting to learn vocal technique but so often uncovering a deeper need. We find they want to truly explore inwardly in order to unlock what needs to be expressed so they can ultimately connect to themselves as a person, choose the kind of art they want to make, and practice how they want to express themselves.

Expressed Life was born out of NYC Vocal Studio's mission to help singers find and connect to their authentic voice. At Expressed Life, we believe that owning your personal voice and truth as a human being is supremely important, just as we believe at NYC Vocal Studio that it is imperative to connect to your truth and sense of self when discovering your singing voice. Check out for more information!


With this passion to understand the inner emotional and psychological life of being a human first and an artist second, I followed that excitement and went back for more training. I  studied at the Health Coach Institute and acquired certification in the Transformational Coaching Method ©. Through this certification and working as a coach, I have been able to dedicate time and energy to exploring the inner working of many different types of people all wanting to live creatively within their lives.

I'm an avid reader and life long learner. I’m a self proclaimed Podcast junkie. :) I’m constantly striving to find any information I can to further understand how, as humans, we learn and process information. Some of my favorite courses and certifications I’ve participated in are: HCI’s Transformational Coaching Method, Brene Brown’s Living Bravely Semester, extensive work in Danielle LaPort’s Desire Mapping and FireStarter Sessions (of which I’m a licensed facilitator!), Kristin Neff’s Course on Self Compassion, Glennon Doyle’s “The Wisdom of Story”, Z-Health’s Essentials and R-Phase.


Working with Molly has been the most transformational experience of my life. She is thoughtful in her approach and very compassionate and non-judgmental. She creates a safe environment for you to express yourself and really find your authentic self. I know that I can talk to Molly about anything and whatever concerns me, we'll get through it together.

Jeanine Rivera, Fragrance Development Specialist